Our integrated quality management system is designed in accordance with the standard requirements of ISO 9001:2008. It covers the full scope of activities, including the managing and supporting processes.

We continuously improve our quality management system in order to increase our experience to guarantee the permanent and high quality service to our customers. Quality system is based on continuous monitoring and analysed against key performance indicators. This assists the company to drive to an operational excellence, provide the foundation for consistent delivery of service and serving our three main principles which are formulated into our quality policy. These are: safety, punctuality and reliability.

Our service excellence is conforming to international standards which means that our quality management system is monitored and improved continuously through the vast know-how. Our company define, design and introduce the methods of measurements and monitors the activities.

Methods of measurements

- Customer satisfaction measurements,

- Internal Audits,

- Turnaround inspections,

- Passenger service checks,

- Quality, Safety and Security reports,

- Daily reports,

- Cargo Warehouse checks,


Ø  ISO certificate since 2006.

Ø  ISAGO certificate since 2011