Deluxe Services

Combine our available services and have an exclusive airport experience:
  • VIP Hostess: Our dedicated staff member will already be at your disposal upon arrival to the
    airport, not just helping you finding directions, but handling your pre-departure procedures
    and assists you in every additional matter.
  • Each Platinum Deluxe package guest gets a complimentary Fast Track voucher which
    guarantees a priority passport control and security check.
  • Lounge service: Pass the remaining time till departure exclusively! Discover the perks of our
    self-serving bar, where you can enjoy wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as
    well as sweet and salty snacks in a pleasant environment. Leisure and business guests can
    appreciate the highest level of comfort with additional premium services such as free
    internet access, national and international media publications, business boxes, copy machine
    and fax receiving.
  •  VIP transfer: Private transfer in case your airplane is parked on a remote stand
  • Exclusive trip to and from the airport: Our professional team will organize your transfer to
    and from the airport no matter where you are in Hungary. Choose from our exclusive
    vehicles, our skilled drivers will take care of the rest.