Aircraft Services

Aircraft handling

·       Weight and balance calculation

·       equipment operators

·       technical handling

·       material handlers

·       board maintenance

The aircraft of our partners is always served by qualified and well equipped staff:

The procedure of balance calculation is performed by well educated ramp officers. During this the expert, on basis of the number of passengers, the loaded baggage and goods, the refuelled kerosene and location of the aforesaid calculates where exactly the centre of gravity of the aircraft is. It is essential to the safety of the flight and to the realization of the lowest possible fuel consumption.

The knowledge of our equipment operators can be seen at handling of machines weighing several tons – accident, aircraft damage are extremely rare. They drive the small towing tractor of the baggage trolleys (their weight still equals in spite of their size to two cars), the huge buses, the even larger container/pallette loaders or the de-icing tankers.

Our technical service workers make before departure the receiving of aircraft, blocking of the wheels, outside investigation of the departing aircraft, the towing/pulling into engine starting position, the removal of winter precipitation, and, the protection against refreezing.

Our material handlers care of forwarding, the checked-in baggage of the passengers, and, the goods from the handling section, to the aircraft. Their task is also the adequate securing, binding of baggage and goods – for instance the standard placement of dog checked as luggage, or, accumulator wheelchairs qualified as dangerous goods.

The colleagues of the board service group make the cleaning of the aircraft – even after every one flight. For a several hundreds seat passenger cabin, half dozen lavatories and kitchens to clean they get not more than thirty minutes.